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    Default DDOCast 560 - Masterminds of Sharn Review pt 1

    Draculetta joins us this week for the game news then we kick off our Masterminds of Sharn Review!

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    Game News - 5:10
    Community News - 10:30
    Lightning Post - 24:30
    Masterminds of Sharn Review pt 1 - 30:22

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    I've been enjoying Sharn & love how it really leans into the magical steampunk setting of Eberron - Stormreach has some of it but then it's also more provincial, on the edge of civilisation whereas Sharn is the long-standing established big city in the centre of things & that adds another nice setting to join the horror style of Ravenloft & classic fantasy of the Forgotten Realms - I can definitely see it being expanded to become a hub for more things based on Khorvaire.

    I also like the more low-key scale of Sharn's quests - we aren't doing big world-saving things for once, we're playing with politics & industrial espionage on a more personal level & some of the optional objectives are pretty funny - smashing all the props backstage to make your enemy have to pay out damages is one of my favourites, it just struck me as a delightfully petty way of getting back at the character that's been causing you a bunch of problems & exactly the kind of antics that PnP players would get up to.
    I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was, now what's it is weird and scary to me.

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