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    Default Quest Rant: Smash and Burn

    Devs, Enough please - the mario brothers aspect of this quest takes it too far. The requirement to jump, and leap and jump continuously to get to the end chest and named loot takes it too far.

    I understand that many people enjoy the jumping and challenge of getting through this type of quest. However, making the ability to do so to get to the end chest is too much. Could you at least put a ladder or drop down after someone makes it up there?

    I personally HATE 'mario' type quests, but have a good reason - I have a condition that affects my hands adversely and makes this type of challenge difficult and VERY frustrating. Adding to that frustration is the fact you can't get to the end loot / named loot after running a quest just leaves a foul taste....

    All I'm asking is for a mechanism to get to the end reward that's more balanced for play.... I solo enough, but would have no problem having a guildie drop a ladder or rope or anything... even a flying disk (that quest is a riot!)
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    I enjoy it. Hard quest tho.
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    They made it easier already but there is still jumping. Maybe put in 1 more ladder?
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    agreed, add some lever at end chest that would drop down a ladder to end chest.
    this helps both grouping, and also if you make it to end chest with force field up, you can make your next climb easier.

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