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    Default The real problem with House of Pain

    I have run this several times now and almost every time the end fight is killing me.

    The Trash mobs, red names, and NPC can all run up the side drains and fight, but the running water prohibits you from doing the same. Its annoying.

    Last run I had one of the NPCs stop at the top of a drain, and you have to talk to them to close out the quest. I had it interact with them through hot keys because I couldn't actually walk up to them.

    Please take a look at this.

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    Yeah, that's not okay.

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    NPCs going too far upriver is very annoying. Hasn't stopped us form completing...yet. But, it has been very close several times. Luckily we had a pair of propulsion boots to barely reach the lady.

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    This is more than annoying, it breaks the quest. Hope this is fixed soon. Great quest, but what a huge black eye on it.

    Total garbage that mobs aren't effected by water at all too, but I can roll with this. Quest completion being impossible though is really bad.

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    Going to be fixed in the next patch.

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    On the subject of weird things in this endfight, it seems that if a short enemy (including the boss) is standing on one of the circular depressed grates (Idk if it's just one or both), they're impossible or at least weirdly difficult to hit* with melee attacks. This applies even if you're also a short person standing in the depressed area. Ranged attacks work fine, and they'll usually move out of it pretty quickly anyway, but it's kind of annoying.

    *As in there's no feedback that you attacked them at all
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