This is my most successful attempt at creating a DPS + DC + healing toon. It performs very well and has strong flexibility to focus on full DPS + heal, full CC + healing, or a hybrid mix. It can also serve as a light tank with some gear swaps.

The way this build tends to play is running as wolf into the pack of mobs, CC stuff, melee down mobs, and heal the party. When you get to the boss with one item swap you can become a healing strong DPS toon, or swap a bunch of items and be a light tank. In eather case healing is quite possible. Since this build is a combination of melee, healing, CC, and suitability it does quite well by itself or in short man situations. It can solo some end game r5 (without perching). If your in a dedicated group know that it performs sub-par to dedicated DC casters, tanks, and DPS toons. I would say it performs at ~75% as well at each of those rolls.

18 Druid/1FvS/1wizard.
Aasimar 36 pnt
20 Wisdom + lvl ups
18 Con
12 int

1 - Quicken
3 - Natural fighting
6 - Natural fighting
9 - Natural fighting
12- PL wiz/completion est
15- Heighten
W - Evocation focus
18- greater evocation focus

21 - Epic evocation focus
24 - Embolden
27 - Burst of glacial wrath
30 - Haste
Scion - Astral plane (evocation)

26 - PTWF
28 - mass frog
29 - Dire charge/arcane warrior.

Reasoning: This lets you build up the key evocation DC that powers your spells while maintaining strong melee DPS.

Enhancements (91):
Aasimar (12): cores + 40% heal amp
Natures warrior (27): 4 cores, knockdown immunity, wisdom, melee power.
Natures Protector (33): 5 cores, rage line, 25 melee power, force of nature t1 (for armor), natures defender line.
Falconer (15): 3 cores, wisdom to attack and dmg, 5% HP.
Warsoul (4): Divine will.

If you don't have the extra enhancement points i suggest dropping: heal amp from cores, knockdown immunity and melee power from natures warrior, 5% hp from falconer.

Reasoning: Going for t5 in NP instead of NW was a big choice. t5 Natures protector allows 25 melee power while only requiring rage as well as allowing metal armor and shields. In addition this toon can and sometimes does run in bear form which allows the defensive aspects of Natures protector to be utilized.

Default destiny is primal avatar because it gives 7 wisdom, 60 melee power, and an assorted of healing, survival, and damage bonuses. This aids any roll the druid need to run.
Switch to LD in situations where you are filling a DPS roll and you don't need to CC.
Switch to EA in situations where you you have to CC and your playing at a difficulty where the extra 3 DC is key.
Switch to US when you need to tank.

This is the biggest challenge for a build like this. The dev's do not support hybrids and so trade-offs must be made.

Goggles: CC - Enchantment +6/In evocation +3/ In seeker 7
Head: (with reaper woot!)
Trinket: CC - 17% doublestrike, 12 resistance, In con 7
Belt: (+5 wisdom)
Feet: SL - sheltering/accuracy/stunning/Q con
Ring1: (+10 wisdom)
Ring2: (slotted with 2 +1 wisdom, and a +2 wisdom filigree)

Weapon: (sloted with Eye of the beholder and otto's)

DPS swap -
Weapon: (slotted with melee power filigrees)

Note* both weapons have keen which free's up an improved critical feet.
Gear issues: I do not have a source of ghostly and my saves (especially reflex) are low. My non evocations DC's (for mass frog and howl of terror are lower)

outside reaper stats (yours may vary):
106 wisdom
111 evocation DC
750 positive spell power
190 heal amp
~1900 hp
~190 PRR and ~150 MRR
caster gear: 55% doublestrike and 130 MP
DPS gear: 70% DS and 200 MP

I have not yet built a bear tank (or bear caster) gear set. While bears are not the best tanks out there by a large margin they do have the highest DPS output, which means there is a threat tank (450 bonus threat) potential in addition to intimidate potential for bears.