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    Default Curse of Strahd odd bug?

    Was dead, so was much of group. Had hard time with torches with poor comm skills. Might have been a R1 run, I don't remember. Anyway, with only 2 or possibly 3 people alive, I got a Strahd whispers into your ear... except I was already dead, indeed had been as the lengthy death timer was still counting down.

    Bug: Strahd trys to whisper kill dead people.

    Also, I have noticed that Strahd sometimes does NOT run around during torch light phase if one person stays up while others shrine. Although lately I have seen him chasing, so maybe its been fixed or is a not everytime bug.

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    Perhaps this is related to the way monsters will spend a surprisingly long time attacking your ghost once you're dead. Or the grip script wasn't set up to check whether the target is alive or not.

    I'm tempted to make a remark about bugs that are beneficial to players being top priority for fixes, but after doing yet another Shroud run recently with auto-solved puzzles that might not be fair. Or maybe that is how it works, but the bugs are just building up faster than they can be fixed.

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    This is quite an oddity. Hopefully it can be reproduced and fixed!
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    It's (afaik) always done this (randomly targets anyone in the party, dead or alive). Kinda nice imo, as it gives you a chance to recover from a near party wipe. (imagine a total party wipe, one person has a jibbers to start a rez chain, and gets gripped the moment he self rez's, officially ending the run... that can still happen, but there's at least a chance Strahd will target a soul stone instead... perhaps he can't tell the difference between a soul stones and living characters, he just detects your presence in either form).

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