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    Agree with that Artifact should be BtA.

    • Problem 1: Inventory / Bank Management (TR train).
    • Problem 2: Gearing Alts.
    • Artifact drop in non-raid quests... even if they are raid like items (Raid powered level).
    • Atm 10 Artifacts = -10 inventory space to TR. (Good thing that the new ones from next update are useless and im saving 2 inventory slots). And no, ill no feed them... im in a TR train like o most all here, need them for different builds (It took me 3 lives to get the one i need to my favorite build).

    So, i think there 2 options here for Devs...
    1. the easiest one: make Artifacts BtA
    2. Improve the Inventory and Character Bank System.

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    Making loot btc instead of bta in the post tr time will not make it so raid loot or any other item will be put up for roll more often.

    In fact making it bta will get it put up for roll more often because you can move YOUR loot from one character that has moved on from their need of an item to another one who is currently in need of that item instead of looting several copies of the same item at different times for different characters who are moving through a class that can use the item.
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