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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorachtin View Post
    A real pug fills in for those who leave, I dont know you or your characters, just trying to limit or counter the bad info you are spreading about the raid.
    If you don't know my characters stop making up facts about my characters and how I play. That is the very definition of lying. If you don't know don't invent facts such as me having an 8 con and going afk in raids, wanting a participation trophy, blah blah blah. Develop some character instead of making up things about other people.

    Check dev tracker

    Quote Originally Posted by Torc View Post
    So … that raid… Too Hot to Handle.... kinda living up to its name.

    After watching you fight the good fight for a couple of weeks, and going over the data, we’ve concluded that the raid is over-performing modestly for our goals.

    As a result we are currently a testing a few changes that will affect all difficulty levels, although the adjustment to Elite will be much smaller. None of these changes affect core mechanics of the raid, and instead will target pacing. The fixes should be live within a few weeks, but we’ll have an exact date soon.
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