Hi There

I would like to get the Sharn expansion (so I don't need to wait until September) but I am unable to purchase it due to financial constraints. I don't see my financial situation changing in the immediate future. I have one heroic Otto's Box and I am willing to buy another (heroic or epic) to trade for a code.

To do the math:
$60 on double bonus days = 8850DP
2 x Ottos Boxes = 9990DP
So that would be $20 less for 1140DP Extra
I'm also open to a trade for a Collector's Ed code as well though for an improved Epic Otto's box and a heroic box.

If you're not able to help, no worries. $40 is $40 and there is a huge difference between spending cash and accumulated points. If this does not sound like a fair trade or is breaking a rule, please let me know.

Find me in-game as
Selbad X or Entropiy