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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    This was a small hotfix to correct an unintended game issue we aren't able to provide more information on at this time. I'm sure you can probably figure out the general category of the issue.
    Going on a rough guess do to the fact that they wont provide info on it is either an Exploit, Drop rate Issue (to high or to low) or a nerf to something. My Guess is nerf.

    Anyone wanna Test Shards of Mechanus and Darkhallow and see if they are still worth a damn? I dont have any Undead or Toasters atm.
    Quote Originally Posted by FlimsyFirewood View Post
    That ship has sailed, came back, sailed again, got raided by pirates, became a pirate ship, got cursed to chase after the Flying Dutchman for three centuries, got exorcised to fight in the American Civil War, then got modernized to fight in both World Wars, participated in the D-Day landing and is a decommissioned museum/restaurant now in Key West, Florida.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sudzz View Post
    Now that the worlds are back up anyone wanna spill on what got "fixed" this time?
    One thing I am betting is that the devs fixed an issue with the siberys resurrection cakes, as I bought one and was able to use it multiple times until after the hot fix
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