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Thread: Gear for a Tank

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    Default Gear for a Tank

    Looking for critique or a better gear set with Sharn items
    The idea is a self healing warlock tank using renewal mostly.

    Weapon:Morninglord's Scepter: Potency 145 + insightful Potency 72
    Shield: Skyvault's Tower Shield: No Arcane Spell failure for Max shield bonus (tower)
    Helm: Citadel's Gaze: Tank set 1/3 + Intim 22 + Command, insight Intim 11 +
    Goggle:Collective Sight: CON 21 + insightful CON 10 + quality saves 4 + MRR per religious lore
    Chest: Watch Captain's Platemail: Tank set 2/3 + Fortification 214 + PRR 54 + False life 81 + Healing Amplification 85
    Cloak: Mysterious Cloak (21): 45 exceptional Heal Amplification + 25 insightful MRR (Would a 3rd LGS for 6% more HP be better than the Heal amp?)
    Neck: Standard Issue Sigil: Tank set 3/3 + MRR 54 + saves 17 + Parrying 10 + Protection AC 17
    Bracer LGS - Material Opposition 1/2
    Gloves Legendary Hands of House Jorasco: 40 comp heal Amplification + heal 22 + insightful heal 11 + redundant heal lore 29
    Ring1: Stolen Signet of ir'Wynarn: 22CHA + exceptional intimidate 11 + Elec absorb + quality potency
    Ring2: Circle of Malevolence: 25intim + vitality 60 + insightful sheltering 23
    Belt: Legendary Silverthreaded Belt: 202 Devotion + healing lore 29
    Boots: LGS - Material Opposition 2/2
    Trinket: Swappable crafted trinket: Absorbtion 38 + matching resist 57 + insightful charisma

    I'm planning on using 2 -10% ASF filigree with a 15% augment to make the heavy armor 0% spell failure(Assuming it keeps with 35% of norm for heavy). Skyvault's isn't great but it is more PRR/MRR

    I'm wondering if a 3rd LGS to replace the mysterious cloak would be better than the 45 Amp? With the jorasco gloves I should hit over 300 I think.
    Should end up somewhere between 3800 and 4200 HP.


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    The gear looks very optimized to me. I would make swap gear for the cloak for all the elements and depending on the raid you can swap it in instead of the mysterious cloak situationally. Then swap between the cloaks situationally. Fire for the new raid, electric for the previous 2 raids, etc. When you need to self heal more you can swap on the cloak or just swap it for heals and swap it back.

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    I run an ES tank if you're interested in seeing how I have it setup at Voodu Warlock, but I haven't yet tried to work in Sharn gear. With past lives it's pretty bulky and self sufficient in a group up to 5 skulls, it's a little bumpier at 6-7 skulls and it's not really a high skull legendary capable tank, but can do pretty well in high skull heroics. I don't end game raid tank anything above R1.

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    Maybe check out kam tanks builds he knows his stuff our top guild raid tank
    Damonz Cannith

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    I would mostly query your goal for the tank. If you goal is self sustainability there are better options. If your goal is durability there are better options. If your goal is threat/dmg there are better options. I think there are a lot of holes in warlock tanks that they just can't perform at a high level depending on what you want to do with it.
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    My standard issue sigil neck is spell saves 17 as opposed to resistance 17. Are there different versions? I ask because as I try to work in the new gear I find a severe lack of resistance saves. I am thinking possibly a stand alone slavers item but I am sure there must be better?

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    I'm working off the lammania list of items, might be a stat changed or I wrote it down wrong.

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