After running through the chains 5 times on difficulties ranging from r1-r8 I went to upgrade one item (emerald ring) to add con +21. When i got to the station I had less than 25% of the mats needed. So if i extrapolate that out I can expect I will need to run the chain over 20 times just to upgrade one item? I thought the idea of the crafting was to create flexibility to players, not to punish and created extreme grind.... if i need to craft 2-3 items per toon we are quickly looking at well over a hundred runs to get close to only 3 toons done. We already have farm the gear I'm not sure why we are looking at such a grind to finish the items. Devs...can we confirm the recipes are correct? When I look at the dampened mat it is requiring 5 of the ignots that also require 5 of the mats that fall in quest. Is it really intended to be so many?