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    Unhappy Sharn Client patch update keeps on failing

    What is up with this update? I start the client, the patch updater is starting to download files and then in between (after downloading aprox. 50 files) it suddenly goes up in flames and closing the loader.

    In the PatchClient.log I then find entries like
    000003029.545: downloading file <client_sound.dat-17695> to <S:\Programme\DDO\forward/client_sound.dat-17695>
    000003281.995: Download failed: error 0x80043038. No alternate URLs. Sorry.
    000003281.995: Queueing download of <> to <S:\Programme\DDO\forward/client_sound.dat-17697>
    000003281.995: Data patching failed with error 0x80043038
    It does make a small amount of progress, but if this keeps on going like this I won't have the update till the end of this month. What it makes it worse is the fact that I manually have to restart the client each time - which I already did 5 times - it is getting very tedious and frustrating to say the least! Why the heck it doesn't have a retry procedure on failed files?
    I even tried to start the client as Administrator to ensure it has enough privileges, I checked my internet connection, there is no proxy server involved and nothing else seems to be out of the ordinary.

    * We have collectable bags, hell even hireling folders, but can I have that 6-pack for my potions please?
    * Having already a past life on the dieng EU servers, I rerolled here and started from scratch as I like the game and the community, so lets see what awaits me here

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    Hmm, seems like maybe it is trying to grab outdated data, so if you have to maybe re-download the game client here:
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