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    Default Summoning feats

    Summoning feat 1
    Req: augment summons

    For 20 seconds Your summoned creatures, pets, and hirelings gain the following:
    +(30+ Conjuration spell bonuses) Melee, Ranged, Universal Spell Power.
    +4 Action boost to all Saving Throws.
    +(15+ Conjuration spell bonuses) Physical,Magical Resistance Rating.

    Cooldown: 60 seconds


    Summoning feat 2
    Req: improved augment summons

    Active Ability: Your summoned creatures, pets, and hirelings gain the following: 50 stacks of Righteous Zeal. Righteous Zeal: +1 Spell Power, +1% doublestrike, +1% doubleshot, +1 Melee Power, +1 Ranged Power. Decays by 1 stack every 3 seconds, and is not lost by resting. (Cooldown: 4 minutes)


    Reasoning: summons (not charms) are behind the curve right now and this gives a bonus at the cost of 2 feats which would force players to give up power elsewhere. The feats are also active to keep players active over passive rather than just follow a few powerful summons have the players use actives to keep the summons stats up which I believe cordovan used the same logic on tempest t5 abilities where actives should be better than passives. This also helps with random gen items called "summoning" but give conjuration DCs and zero bonuses to actual summons. The first ability is a modified power of the forge from bladeforged with spell bonuses from arcane archer. I chose cooldown over actionboost as the main summoning classes dont usually get action boosts. The 2nd ability is from divine crusader core 6 as I wanted the first ability to be a more often used ability but the 2nd to hold more power for epic hp bloat. It's far from perfect but I figured it was a decent place to start to make summoning builds viable.


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