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    Default Current tank builds?

    I see a good looking build by Kam here in the multiclass forum. 15 arti/4pali/1 wiz.

    Has that surpassed the fighter/pali/wiz tanks?

    How are the renegade mastermaker enhancements stacking with fighter and pali? Can you stack all 3 or are we still at stack two?
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    I have seen tank builds which use tier-5 RMM because Paragon Body's HP bonus is racial so it stacks with Epic Defensive Fighting, while Tenacious Defense (Sacred / Stalwart Defender) does not. So does Aasimar Protector Bond's HP bonus and Unyielding Sentinel's Strength of Vitality.

    So you can get 25% competence (EDF) + 20% racial (Paragon Body) + 10% Sacred (Protector bond) + 20% insight (SoV) = +75% bonus HPs. If you don't use EDF, you can take Tenacious Defense for +20% HPs for +70% total instead.

    Yes, the RMM class tree provides a Racial bonus while the Aasimar racial tree provides a Sacred bonus and the Sacred Defender tree provides a Competence bonus. Try not to think about it too hard.

    Meanwhile Improved Mage Armor's +10% AC bonus stacks with everything except Nature Protector's Beast Unleashed (+15% AC in bear form) as they are the same type.
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    I am not a tanking expert but I built out a 14 paladin, 5 artificer, 1 wizard tank build that can switch to swf with an orb and full gear swap for more dps if needed. I've been really happy with it so far, but Sharn will be the real test.

    As ubongwah pointed out the extra stacking hp makes RMM compelling, but you still need to use a shield to get tank-worthy #s. The new rune arm will have a shield bonus which will help some, but losing the #s from a tower shield, shield and improved shield mastery + legendary shield mastery is too much too lose.

    Tier 5 paladin gives 25 PRR/MRR and 3 extra lay on hands plus shield AC bonus while RMM gives 20% hp and a forcefield option. Eh, not sure there is a right answer there but once you get your PRR/MRR high enough I think you get more mileage out of the 20% hp.

    The main reason I like paladin 14 is for the +1 crit mult/range from holy sword with 0 ap investment and of course the amazing saves. My lowest save is 118 on my guild ship and it goes up in reaper mode with the tree bonsues - which I combine with epic reflexes, impregnable mind twist and dragonhide twist so I never fail.

    In general more fighter levels gives you extra feats which allows you to spec for both dps and tanking. I am not sure there are any advantages when building a character just to tank - they can all get awesome stats.
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    Right now I am doing a 14 fighter/5 paladin/1 wizard split.

    At cap I have ~2800 hp, 379 AC, 383 PRR, 133 MRR. Reaper bumps those a little bit. My lowest save is reflex at 89, will is 93, and fort is 115. I am a warforged currently (past life build) so I do not get the RL set bonus since they did not give a tank docent.

    I still have 4 more martial and 4 more divine epic past lives to gain so those numbers will go up a little bit more. I could spend AP a little bit different and push saves up some and I could plan my gear a bit better but this is mostly for doing some past lives and moving on.

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