1-A Lack Of Constitution Items where all the attributes would be of use to any class, at this rate you might as well offer an artifact trinket next adventure pack that grants Constitution, Insightful Constitution, quality constitution, and a non-stacking variant of Legendary affirmation.

2-A Lack of reconstruction items (Yeah right, as if I'd dare replace the Staggershockers in a build with the gloves containing such, staggershockers Rock!)

3-A lack of racial based artifacts.......... there is so much that could be done here!

*******Shadar-Kai Artifact that enhances the chain attack by allowing the special effects of the weapon you have equipped in your main hand to transfer to the chain attack while the chain attack is active (Vorpal, flaming, etc.)

*******Dragon born artifact that allows your move silently and sneak skills to use your charisma score rather than dexterity score and allow your breath weapon to be used as a sneak attack

*******Warforged artifact that grants you weapon attachment if you are a warforged or a self forged (This one would have to be a ring or a trinket)

4-No sentient new sentient gems

*******Yaulthoon as a sentient gem is something I really want!

*******A lot of people are wanting Malicia as a sentient gem

*******A Sentient gem from an alternate universe where Vol was sealed inside one, I'm a fan of Vol, her evil is an interesting one as it seems to be a reflection of the evil of those who harmed her and her family more than it seems to be an evil inherent to the nature she would have had if left unpersecuted, meanwhile there is some good in tidbits of what she wants to accomplish that I can't help but to think that perhaps such reflects the nature she would have had if her and her family weren't persecuted.

*******The Lorde Of Blades would make a nice sentient gem! (I made a typo but decided the typo was simply too good.... yeah we already know the Lord of Blades went mad, why not let his insanity include the delusion that he is Lorde the singer? Think Randy Marsh style).

5-No new pet collars (I am still hoping for a pet collar inspired by the Terminator series, you know make them look like they are wearing the skin of a wolf or a howler but have a bit of their machine self peeping through?)

6-A Lack of Runearm focus items, or runearm charge rate increase items

7-No new raid tier runearms, with all of the talk about curse themed stuff I was hoping for a runearm that imbues your weapon with Legendary Cursespewing and Legendary Cursespewing coming with a really nice damage over time and save debuff effect. Sure this pack has runearms, but it has been too long since we got a new raid tier runearm.

8-No new items with Legendary Affirmation or a legendary version of the Soul Eating effect that currently only comes from Grave Wrappings (A version of Soul eating that inflicts 2D6 negative levels instead of 1D3 and grants 1000 temporary hitpoints rather than a measly 35 would be truly awesome and truly legendary).

9-Frostbite Blade is still the only melee weapon in game with the Frostbite effect

10-Barnacled Buckler is still the only item in game with vulnerability guard.

11-No specialized weapons designed for killing Raptors and yet the raptors are tough as nails

12-No specialized weapons designed for killing forgewraiths and yet the forgewraiths are tough as nails and quite unique in that they are a fire type and an undead type, kind of like what one could consider a natural enemy to the Raven Queen.

13-Still no legendary weapon designed for fighting Draco-liches (Undead bane, Dragon bane, light damage bundled with vulnerability, and fire damage bundled with a fire burst effect) (Ideally Dagger, Bastard Sword, Longsword, and greatsword varients).

14-No new filigrees that work for two sets at once, I am hoping for a Shards Of Mechanus and City's Beacon filigree for Threat reduction 50% (Non-stacking with the Treachery one), or perhaps a Shattered Device/Shards Of Mechanus combo filigree for Fear Immunity (Rare version would also have blindness immunity).

15-No filigrees that allow an item to count as a piece to a set it wouldn't normally contribute to, for example Legendary Adherents Of The Mist

16-No Minor Artifact Trinkets (I know it was mentioned that this pack would have no trinkets, but honestly the idea of Minor Artifact feels like a Trinket appropriate one).

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