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    Default Various multi-class splits with Monk

    Thinking about taking my main through to completionist and would like some advice on class splits. Currently has 3 monk, 3 fighter, 3 rogue, and 2 paladin PLs, all of which had at least 6 monk levels, were monk enhancement heavy, and used handwraps. I'd like to keep the monk heavy handwrap use as much as possible, and am curious if anyone has some good class split ideas for the other classes. Bard and Barbarian can't have monk levels of course, so they will be splashed with some rogue and use quarter staffs (and thief acrobat) in keeping with the general martial arts-ish theme. My default would be 12 X/6 monk/2 fighter for most of the caster classes, but if there are better ideas I'm open. These definitely don't have to be optimal, just functional enough to get him to 20 again and TR.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I know someone on my server plays 18 wizard 2 monk with handwraps, and they do just fine. utilizing the new eldritch knight changes, the dps is okay.

    I mean... I would advise not doing handwraps as they are sluggish to level with if you are just looking to get completionist fast. Same goes for staff really...
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    I've been playing around with eldritch knight in an attempt to get a working melee build out of it, specifically looking at monk for wraps improved speed.

    It's been my experience that the easiest way to level one is as a caster up until level 12 at least, and then splash on the melee classes and start slugging it out.

    Either way, with spells scaling as (1d6+x) per character level, and the spellsword scaling at (1d6) per 3 caster levels, you'll always do better with maximized AoE SLAs than you would with straight up melee.

    e.g. I could melee a group one by one, doing +100 spellsword damage per blow, on top of normal wraps damage... or I could cast a scorch, instantly wiping the group. melee is fun, but it's the wrong primary option on a caster.

    melee should be used to save spell points vs single mobs, immune / high DC mobs (e.g. fire elementals when playing a fire sorc) or cleanup after casting.

    I know this probably isn't the answer you were looking for, it surely wasn't the answer I was hoping to find, but after several hours of testing options, this is the best way I could find to go about leveling a melee caster without sticking my head in the sand.

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