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    Default Help filling out Never Ending Fusillade Build?

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to determine what my second life build will be. I did the Self Healing Mechanic build for the first run and it was pretty good, but I'd like to start getting closer to being able to run Epic Elites and eventually low skull reaper, so I've been trying to see what my next life will be.

    The Never Ending Fusilade build looked like a pretty interesting step, especially since I already have great crossbows from my previous life. However, the leveling progression, feats, skills and enhancements were not fully laid out in the original thread.

    I've tried to fill them in based on some of the character planner output (by C-Dog) and discussion on the thread and this is what I came up with:

    [Edit: Never mind. Started to try this out this evening and half the enhancements don't work together any longer and I didn't know any better while using the character planner.]

    And then I was basically just guessing at the Epic Destiny and what to take there. I do have all destinies maxed on this character.

    Any advice about tweaking the build would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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