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    Quote Originally Posted by Alrik_Fassbauer View Post
    Which time zone ?
    Eastern, as per usual. GMT -5

    *No I'm not a dev, no I don't speak for the company. <- (sorry just anticipating the questions)
    My take on "the grind":

    Ordinary humans have inhibitions that serve as a buffer against what we know is bad behavior.
    However, some people, by blaming others for their own bad behavior, develop a thought pattern that allows them to override self-control in order to achieve a selfish end.
    - My opinion on exploiters and cheaters blaming SSG for unfair punishment.

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    Downtime announced.
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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    Default You would think.....

    You would think they would release otto's boxes when they drop an expansion..... that way those of us who are over level for heroic, and under level for epic..... could get ourselves in the proper level range

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