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    Default High Lords will host Thunder Peak and Deathwyrm teaching raids on Saturday, April 27

    Our last teaching raid heroic and legendary Tempest's Spine saw a great turnout with 7 people who were new to or still learning the raid! You can read about it and watch the replay of the live stream here.

    We are now entering the second half of the 2019 teaching raid series! During the first half we worked through every raid in the game (except for Titan Awakes, which will be next Saturday, May 4). So now we will start over and revisit selected newer raids. We will not be revisiting the classic raids like Demon Queen and Tower of Despair, but most raids from about 2012 and after will be included in the second half of the series. If you're interested in participating in our teaching raids but have procrastinated because you were unsure or shy, now is a great time to get involved! Or if you've been joining us but missed some of the raids the first time around, you will get a chance to join them during the second half of our 2019 series.

    Next in our teaching raid series will be a double feature in Thunderholme with Fire on Thunder Peak and Temple of the Deathwyrm on Saturday, April 27 at 9pm EST!

    These are great raids to learn because there has been a recent increase in the popularity of Fire on Thunder Peak because it's one of the most efficient raids to get the new end game raid currency Threads of Fate, which are used to purchase some really nice new items!

    All events in this series are for players new(er) raiding or players who are looking to learn raids better. First timers welcome! Please have sound and be willing and able to follow instructions.

    The goal is to welcome newer players into the raiding scene, to teach people how raids work, to get players more comfortable with raids, and to enhance the Sarlona community. There is no level cap for any of our teaching raids but you must be at least level 20 to enter epic content. There are not heroic versions of these raids.

    If you are new to FTP and TOTD, you will need to flag by slaying two red named bosses in The Ruins of Thunderholme wilderness area. You will need to have access to the Shadow Under Thunderholme adventure pack. Slaying Dagan The Death Knight will flag you for FTP and slaying Sarva Ballistrae The Cult of the Dragon Emissary will flag you for TOTD.

    Dagan and Sarva are a little tougher than ordinary slayer zone bosses but are both soloable. They are considered rare encounters but are always there. You can find a map with pathways to these bosses at the above Ruins of Thunderholme link, or you can check out my video How to Get to and Flag for Fire on Thunder Peak and Temple of the Deathwyrm Raids.

    You will find the entrance to the ruins through The Thunder Peaks public zone, which is accessible across the bridge in northeast Eveningstar. Before heading into the slayer zone, talk to the 2 NPC quest givers in Thunder Peaks, then talk to them again after defeating the bosses and they will grant you the raids.

    Space is limited so reserve your spot ahead of time! If you would like to reserve a space in this Saturday's event, please contact me in game on Gingerspyce or Voodu.
    This event will be live streamed on my twitch channel so even if you're not on Sarlona, you can watch, learn and ask questions live.

    Thank you to the community for all the support and special thanks to DDOCast for mentioning our events. We hope to see you in raids soon!

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce and The High Lords of Malkier

    PS. Check out the entire collection of our teaching raid videos in the Guides & Strategies forum HERE!

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    Lots of space available in the Thunder Peak and Deathwyrm teaching raids tonight. If you've been interested in getting involved in our teaching raids, now is a great time to catch the newer raids at the start of the second half of our 2019 teaching raid series. I'd love to see some new faces join us, learn some raids along the way, and most importantly have fun doing it. Over the years we have taught hundreds of DDO'ers how to raid. Some started as total raid newbies in our teaching raids years ago and are now avid raiders. Others went on to take what they learned into their guilds and started leading their own raids. We've met so many folks and even made many lasting friendships along the way. If you love DDO but haven't gotten into raiding then you're missing out on a whole different side of this game that we love to play. It's ok if you've never raided, or if you think you're not ready because of your gear or build, that's ok, these events are designed for you.

    I was once a raid newbie back in early 2010. I learned that there was some really cool loot that I wanted so I started joining pug raids. Some went well and some were disastrous rez-fests. I struggled to learn in an environment where it seemed like no one wanted to explain anything and I felt lost. After several bad experiences with jerky raid leaders, I nearly left the game because the experience was such a turn-off. Fortunately, around the same time I met some really nice folks in High Lords that I enjoyed running with and there was one raid leader in particular that inspires me to this day. A player named Glam used to run morning raids every day back when the level cap was 20 and epic Chronoscope was the hot new raid. It was in Glam's raids that I first experienced a raid leader who actually took the time to explain things, designate roles and make things understandable. His patience with newbies like me was awesome and I always looked forward to his daily raids because I knew we'd get a smooth completion and that it would also be a lot of fun. Glam set a positive example for me and others and the way that I lead raids today is largely a result of his mentorship. Raiding isn't just for elite players. Anyone can be a part of a successful raid team. Our teaching raids a specifically meant for new players. Don't wait to join these events. Whether you're a brand new player or a long time veteran that avoided raiding, our teaching raids are for you. If you're willing to learn, we're willing to teach you. Please join us.

    To sign up for tonight's Fire on Thunder Peak and Temple of the Deathwyrm teaching raids, contact me in game on Gingerspyce. We hope to see you in raids soon
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    Default Great runs!

    We had 5 people who were new to or still learning Fire on Thunder Peak and Temple of the Deathwyrm, including a couple first timers. Deathwyrm can be a confusing raid for newcomers. It's a pretty big raid and it's easy to get turned around and overwhelmed by all the zoning and puzzles. We showed as many of the puzzles as we could, including the trap room, the portal maze and red-light/green-light. We just did epic hard for Deathwyrm so everyone could focus on learning raid mechanics, without worrying too much about trying to stay alive. Fire on Thunder Peak is a much simpler raid and we had a good crew so we decided to step it up to epic elite, where we discussed the dos and don'ts of this older raid that has seen a recent increase in popularity because it's a quick raid for farming the new endgame raid currency Threads of Fate. You can watch the replay of the live stream on my Twitch channel vooduspyce.

    Next week will be The Titan Awakes in The Restless Isles so get flagged and I'll post details soon

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