Circle of Night (CoN) is one of the oldest guilds on Ghallanda. It's founders were all early adopters of the game when it first released and have been playing ever since. The founding principle of CoN is being "Prepared for Completion" (C). This means having the necessary gear, equipment, potions, scrolls, strategy, and attitude to successfully complete any content we tackle. There is nothing worse than tackling a new raid or a new difficulty and wiping because people didn't know what to do or didn't have the right gear to survive.

With that said, we aim to train and educate our members so that they enjoy the successes of completing everything the game has to offer. We love helping people acquire gear upgrades and working out the kinks in their build. In fact, build theorycrafting is one of our pastime passions.

Our members provide a healthy mix of grinding past lives, running reaper content, and raiding. We have trained tons of people that have moved on to more focused guilds (ones that focus on mostly raiding, or mostly reaper TRing for example) and brought with them that same sensibility of being Prepared for Completion. I am personally, very proud to see our past members adding to the success of others.

Over the years our members (mostly business professionals and all adults) have either moved on to spend more time with family or have moved on to other guilds. So now it's time to openly recruit again. If you're new to the game and are looking to learn how to be the best you in the realms, or if you're looking for a permanent home to accomplish everything the game has to offer, Circle of Night may be right for you.

In-game contacts:
Guild Leader: Valgrand, Valhelm
First Mate: Calaelan, Caelrothar