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    Default Gingerspyce's week in videos: Reaper Life 3 gets 10k Rxp in under an hour in heroics!

    Reaper Life 3 is smashing its way into the teen levels with a Gianthold blitz that earns us 10,000 reaper xp in less than an hour!

    Myth busting is a major theme of RL3. For the project we are doing all mid skull questing at base normal level and we are challenging the mindset of a lot of the community that says it takes too long or is too hard to do heroic reapers at base normal level and to step up the skulls. Moreover there is a bias in the community that there isn't decent reaper xp to be had in heroics. Our latest episode of RL3 demonstrates very effectively that in a group setting, you can work up to a point where mid skull heroics can be done quickly, efficiently and provide a worthwhile amount of reaper xp. In episode 12, where we tackle Gianthold walkups at level 13, all on R5 we were able to complete all of our regular level 13's in 6-9 minutes each, for about 1100-1800 reaper xp per quest, for a total of 10k Rxp in 55 minutes!

    While we're not trying to say that doing heroics is the best place to farm reaper xp, we are showing that while working through heroics there is a worthwhile amount of reaper xp to be had without spending a lot of time doing so and that this Rxp shouldn't be dismissed so easily in the minds of the DDO community.

    See how we do in Reaper Life 3: Ep. 12 in Gianthold!

    Other recent Reaper Life 3 episodes:

    I also wanted to mention that Reaper Life 3 member Nimvind has started his own Youtube channel with lots of bonus Reaper Life 3 content, including additional quest videos from the point of view of his Aasimar bear druid as well as extended interviews with RL3 members! You can find Nimvind's content on his Youtube channel Nimvind Dirgesinger.

    Thank you for all the great comments and support of Reaper Life 3 and for the support on Twitch, where we are still live streaming nearly every day as we work through our racial lives. Gingerspyce is currently finishing her 2nd Tiefling life and will soon start her 3rd as a cleric! Join us for all the laughs and adventure at!

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce of Sarlona

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