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    Default Inquisitive FvS Build thoughts?

    I need a FvS past life... well 2 more actually. Was thinking of an Inquis build for it. Inquis has a Divine Inquisition to make them favored weapons.
    Anyone have any builds or ideas for this? Or will it even work.
    It still needs to be able to heal the party. for low to mid reaper levels. This will be the 4th past life. And I have +7 Supreme Tome for stat assistance. VIP etc.

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    I just ran a tiefling scoundrel iconic 2 -bard, 2 - arti, 16 - fvs. I maxed out inquisitor tree, took the normal ranged feats. 2 bard gets you double shot clickie in swash buckler for those times fusillade is off timer. Worked well, was a good utility build, heals and okish dps. As you are multitasking you need to know when to pay attention to healing or you get yelled at lol. I cannot tell you the number of times playing that I have asked for a heal but the arti or rogue was on a fusillade so no go. I went all CHR to hit and damage made UMD easy and took HP instead of SP for the favored soul feat. Was fun, I recommend it for a iconic tiefling past life.
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