So I once knew a fellow who converted to Islam while in prison, and a woman who converted to Judaism when she married. It seemed amazing to me that people could undertake a series of tasks and studies to change their deepest held religious beliefs. Like something out of a video game almost.

And that got me to thinking of the clergy of the realms of DDO.

After the many close calls with various wild beasts, hostile wizards, and viscous minotaurs. After traversing multiple planes of existence. After encountering so many varied forms of life and magic, an adventurer began to lose their faith.

What if there were a temple of Divine worship nestled in the cozy confines of the village of Eveningstar. One that catered to the various faiths of the known realms. Where a stalwart adventurer could go to undertake a test of their knowledge of a deity not typical of their origins. Complete a test of skill and daring to prove their devotion. Make a noble sacrifice to earn the rights to be called a child of said deity.

At level 30 a player could enter the temple where they are questioned by a temple overseer and must answer a series of prompts that reveal their intended deity, similar to the way the dragon riddle in litany is set up. After proving their knowledge, the temple overseer reveals himself to be an avatar of said deity who tests their worth in combat to determine if they are worthy of joining the ranks. If the adventurer should prove victorious they must then make a sacrifice of 42 heart seeds, or 20 tokens of the twelve to be rewarded a token of their deity. With said token now in their possession, when they reincarnate, the token is consumed allowing them to choose their worship in their subsequent life. Perhaps with a greater sacrifice the trials could even be avoided, a la, sell the deity tokens in the store.

Long story short, i'd like to be able to choose Helm as a deity on my tiefling paladin, and I think it would be worth spending the extra tr resources, or grabbing a store item to be able to. Single use only of course so as to provide a revenue stream.