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    Exclamation Oi

    You ain't undead, are you?

    Also why no one put me on that new Cannith Completionist list?
    Also who wants to pike me? :3

    No but for real tho, anyone got any cereal?
    The Photomancer, Zerg Tribe's resident piking pirate.
    (Tell): Abbinormal tells you, 'thank you for opening my eyes to what people think of teamwork, for bringing to the light what this game really is, have it all you want, as soon as i log out, I am removing this garbage from my computer'

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    Hail there, traveler!

    There's movement.... sometimes someone asks a question and people answer in chat.
    Guild list is.... dead.
    Guild subforum is.... dead too.
    Some movement on trades subforum.... but not much.

    I didn't see any comments from you in the Compñetionist thread. Maybe adding your name there would be useful.
    Last reply there is 1-month old, though.

    Cannith Server: Sergy d'Cannith (2nd life, Ftr 8)

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