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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitering View Post
    Not where gloves? It's a condition to use an item?
    Yes, the new Platinum Knuckles exclude your glove slot. You equip the wraps and they unequip your gloves, and you equip gloves and they unequip your wraps.

    Unfortunately they received few changes from Preview 2 to Preview 3 (bone breaking to bone splitting was a good change at least) and Lynnabel has confirmed that the platinum proc from a level 6/21 item was copied to a 15/29 item (thus making the DCs useless), so they still fall well short. It isn't live yet, so not all hope is lost, but as it stands, they're trash loot. At the very most you can use them as Spiked DR bypass, but having to swap 3-4 items on 1 second timers costing yourself multiple buffs from your glove slot (as you're turning 8 abilities into 6 (multiple of which are weak) and 2-4 augment slots into 1) makes that far too much of a pain and most likely a DPS loss even with DR.

    I'll be farming them as my hoarding nature demands that my Monk has every handwrap in the game, but it will be shoved in the bank unless something changes.
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    I don't see any use of them now too. It will exclude one gear slot, so the wraps would need to be double the good to cover that. If so, the item will appear OP and people will call for nerf if someone figures out a workaround the devs didn't consider. Either the wraps or monk itself will be fixed again and nothing is won. So why releasing that concept at all when the disadvantages are obvious?
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