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    Default Aasimar (glowing eyes) not rendering....

    On any Aasimar character that I create the "glowing eyes" affect does not render, my current Aasimar character is running "Bond of the Protector" and "Ascendant Bond: Protector", is anyone else experiencing this (I've spoken to several of my guildmates and know of at least one other that is experiencing this issue)?

    Thins I've done trying to resolve the issue:

    Removed cosmetic helm
    Removed helm
    Removed goggles
    Reset enhancements
    Un-installed/re-installed client (deleted all residual files/folder and installed to a new directory)

    At this time I'm lead to believe that it must be an options/graphics setting but haven't been able to track it down, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Did you ever figure this out? I noticed the same issue with the eyes for Aasimar base only the eyes are just not showing regardless, even when turning bond on/off.
    I have a Aasimar scourge and the eyes work fine just not the cool fallen ones :/

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