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    Default returning player need some pointer on sorc

    sorc use to be my fav but its been 5+ years since i played ddo. the spell update made me want tr to a sorc again. as a reborn noob i need some help from u guys.

    1 spell update looks good on paper but does it make a noticeable different for sorcs? r sorcs useful in reaper mode?

    2 i use to play air/fire. air because i cant live without some kinda jump/wings and fire because meteor swarm was pretty cool. would air/fire still work? if not r there any other air build that be good?

    3 i use to play wf for the heal but i always thought wf was kinda ugly...r there any heals for non wf these days that can match recon? if so whats a good race for sorc and should i wait for tiefling?

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