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    Default High Lords will host Abbot teaching raid on Saturday, April 13 at 9pm EST

    Our last teaching raid Old Baba's Hut and Curse of Strahd saw another great turnout! You can read about it and watch the live stream here.

    The next raid in our series will be my favorite raid Abbot! (aka Accursed Ascension) on Saturday, April 13 at 9pm EST!

    Due to the increasing number of raids in DDO, we will no longer be hosting every raid in the game twice during our teaching raid series. Some of the older raids will only be included once this year. This week's event will be the only time we host heroic Abbot as a teaching raid for the 2019 series, so if you are new to or still learning this classic, please join us!

    All events in this series are for players new(er) raiding or players who are looking to learn raids better. First timers welcome! Please have sound and be willing and able to follow instructions.

    The goal is to welcome newer players into the raiding scene, to teach people how raids work, to get players more comfortable with raids and to enhance the Sarlona community. There is no level cap for any of our teaching raids.

    If you are new to Abbot, you will need to have access to the Necropolis Part 4 adventure pack.

    Flagging for abbot starts with collecting the 8 sigil pieces to complete your sigil of the abbot. Once you've completed your sigil, turn it into the NPC that gives the sigil frame, Sir Rohine in upper Necropolis, and he will grant the quest Litany of the Dead. Special note: as of update 37, once you've completed the sigil, it stays with you and is not consumed when flagging and carries over to your next life. It is therefore no longer needed to collect multiples of the same sigil pieces for future lives.

    Sigil pieces are most efficiently acquired from chests in the 4 heroic Orchard of the Macabre quests (Fleshmaker's Laboratory, Ghosts of Perdition, Inferno of the Damned and Desecrated Temple of Vol) but can also drop in rare chests in the heroic orchard slayer zone. Any sigil piece can drop from any chest in heroic orchard quests or rare chests, however sigil pieces 1-4 commonly drop in specific orchard quests, while pieces 5-8 are random. See Litany link above for more on sigil piece locations. Note that it is not necessary to run orchard quests to flag for Litany, as long as you have a completed sigil.

    Inferno of the Damned can be confusing for new players and Flesh Maker's Laboratory can be challenging to solo. If you are new to Necro 4, you may find some of my videos helpful:

    Once you are flagged for Litany, you will need to complete the quest 4 times to kill each of the 4 bosses. Halfway through the quest, you will encounter a black dragon that will ask you a series of questions. Your answers will determine which boss you face. Answers for these questions, as well as solvers for many DDO puzzles can be found at Be careful to answer correctly, you cannot restart the questions and if you answer incorrectly, the dragon will instakill you. After killing each boss there is an exit beyond the boss chest that you need to exit through, which takes you to the top of the tower outside of the orchard quest corresponding to the boss you killed. There are 4 crystals that need to be destroyed to complete the flagging for that boss. Do not destroy these crystals until all members of your party are present. Party members not present when the crystals are destroyed will not get credit for that boss. Then re-enter litany and do the same for the remaining bosses. Once you have killed all 4 Litany bosses, Sir Rohine will bestow the raid.

    If you are new to Litany of the Dead, you may find my videos helpful:

    Abbot flagging requires perhaps more commitment than any other raid but the loot in the raid is among the best in the game, including Quiver of Alacrity, Litany of the Dead (a trinket with the same name as the quest), Unwavering Ardency, Vile Blasphemy and more! The Litany boss chests also contain some very nice rare items.

    Space is limited so reserve your spot ahead of time! If you would like to reserve a space in this Saturday's event, please contact me in game on Gingerspyce or Voodu.

    This event will be live streamed on my twitch channel so even if you're not on Sarlona, you can watch, learn and ask questions live.

    Thank you to the community for all the support and special thanks to DDOCast and DDO Chronicle for mentioning our events. We hope to see you in raids soon!

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce and The High Lords of Malkier

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    Plenty of space in tonight's Abbot teaching raid! I will be out of the game most of the day until raid time. Send in-game mail to Voodu to sign up

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    Thanks for hosting! It was awesome of you to thoroughly explain everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scut207 View Post
    Thanks for hosting! It was awesome of you to thoroughly explain everything.
    yvw, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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    Abbot is my favorite raid and a unique event in our teaching raid series. We don't run it like a normal raid, instead we take everyone into the ice puzzle and show them how that works. Then we beat down the abbot and we all go into roids and do that together. Then we beat down the abbot again and all go into goggles. It takes some time to do it this way but everyone gets to experience every puzzle. You can watch the replay of the live stream on my twitch channel vooduspyce.

    This week's teaching raid will be heroic and legendary Tempest's Spine. There is no flagging and I'll post details very soon!

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