It seems that there is a bug going around that can cause you to lose a racial action point after a tr. I had this happen when Aasimar came out and I did my tr's. For some reason it stopped seeing one of my halfling past lives. So I sent in a ticket in game and the GM was able to resolve the problem for me. Well, now it has happened again and I;m not sure what race it is not seeing. So check your racial AP and make sure to send in a bug report if you are having a problem. The more people that send them in, if you have this problem, the faster SSG can get a fix in so we can have everything we have worked for. I sent in a bug report already, and I know of at least one other person on my server who is having this same problem who also sent one in, but if you have the problem and do not report it, they won't make it a priority fix and those of us who are missing AP will be waiting longer than necessary to get a fix

Thank you for reading and reporting all your bugs


I also posted this in General so that everyone can check, since some people may not know they are having this problem, and some may be resistant to reporting this as a bug.