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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilomere View Post
    Yes, but not in the way that you think. You think the obvious that a group with a Dust Debuffer will get high RXp/min in a dungeon and clear fast. Yes that is true, but after you have millions of RXP that isn't very meaningful.

    The real benefit is the shock to a players system when they see a dps character Dust debuff instead of kill meter stack. It reveals the character underneath to see how they react when they don't grasp invisible power.

    Now remember, these are people I have played with for 10 years, off and on, and who I did the rest of the chain with on high reaper such as here, so they know my character can kill things albeit not as well due to lacking gear as they can at cap. But when they see my character Dust debuff and intentionally not kill things so the THF can kill things faster for RXP/min, their real personality I had no idea about comes out.

    So Dust debuffing does improve partying, but not by meaningful RXp/min, since anyone already in higher reaper doesn't need RXp, but by revealing the type of person underneath so you can better choose who to group or not group with.
    Please don't try to use my guildies to lend any sort of credibility to your bizarre takes. We do not appreciate you putting words into our mouths (re: your questionable ability to contribute in high skulls), and the claim that you have played with some of us on and off for the past 10 years is technically accurate but hints at some sort of relationship between us that does not does exist in any reality that either my guildies or myself are aware of. There are several extremely obvious explanations as to why several of my guildies completed R10 Night Falls of Stormreach faster than the other videos you helpfully included! Unfortunately, none of the most likely explanations involve your presence or lack thereof.

    The implication that you're someone we choose to group with is a gross misrepresentation of what had occurred in the screenshot you provided - several of us posted a public lfm, which you joined. Should you continue to use our groups as a vehicle for unwarranted self promotion, I can assure you that you will not be joining us in the future.

    In case you're missing the message: Preach the virtues of taking 3 cleric levels for soundburst or the joy of charming oozes if it makes you happy. Try to convince people that a barbarian is a caster and that hp/minute is a valuable metric. Hell, tell people to play a pure sorc tank that uses Tenser's because "it looks cool and that's a high priority for this build", but please do us a favor and leave us out of your fantasy world. Thanks!
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