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    Default ????!!!! I am Back? ?????????????

    It has been a long time... LONG TIME. but I am playing again or trying to.

    got a lvl 20 pally that is 4 completions of the shroud raid to get 20. and 7 completions of the desert queen raid ? (I think thats the name...)

    I am a lvl 20 thf pally. I was going to re-roll into twf pally. but I am so close to the 20 marks on 2 raids...

    anyone still run the normal raids? any guilds actually play still?

    I am USA EST can play from 4PM to around 11PM EST M-F and 24-7 on saturday and sunday. ;-P

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    welcome back!
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    Welcome back!

    There's a higher level cap now and many new raids, so the "normal" raids have changed. There's still lots of Shrouds, but they're the legendary version now. (We host public legendary Shrouds on Mondays and Tuesdays.) We're also in our training raid season right now, if you're interested in learning some of the new ones, keep an eye on this board as Gingerspyce posts for them.

    There's still guilds running around, many active ones, though many have come and gone through the years. Even though we're not recruiting, there's still a guild for you out there if you choose to be in one.

    Good luck with your return and enjoy things!
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