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    Default Killing Time

    So I've never ran killing time before, but was wondering if I could get a raid group together or at least a few people to run killing time once a week. My level 30 is a druid caster tank/healer and I'm free basically anytime after 9pm (edt). Would love to run it on hard or elite and not normal, but again I don't know this raid so am going to need some guidance. Let me know what days/times work for you guys. Thanks in advance

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    Starting next week, my guild will be hosting some raids, including the Killing Time you'd like to try. We'll be running a session of raids including killing time at 9 pm EST next friday or saturday (have yet to look at schedule), so look for our lfm around that time and hopefully we can get you in!

    All you need is an open mind, patience, and the ability to listen to directions!
    Also... bring electric resistance (and/or twist in energy sheath: electric from draconic incarnation)
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    Looking for a semi regular group doing Killing Time Raid, maybe once or twice a week to farm schisms

    Would prefer Hard or Elite

    I know the quest and can contribute

    Will try forming my own group if no takers

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