I think I'll never understand this obsession with R10. I mean, I'm still a beginner, and I can't see that far.
Yesterday I made another fun build : FVS+Sorc. I'm curious as how it will turn out. At least I can use this build in endgame as a mule, if not sufficient.
I really don't want to zerg, and I'm realy playing slow.

To any Newbie, this throud could imply that playing a Sorc would be bad, because DPS is not good. Reaper and endgame might seem to Newbies as the only important thing there is - and giving that levelling up into endgame ASAP seems to be a thing, if not THE thing these days, so why would a Newbie play a class or build that's trash ? Because while getting into"godhood", people are likely to close their eyes and ignore the way, the experience of levelling.

Levelling is seen as a mere ... obstacle. Pebbles on the way. Like an "necessary evil" to get into endgame. And since levelling is an "necessary evil", it is done as fast as possible, it seems to me.

By concentrating on Reaper endgame, people are very much marginalizing the whole rest of the game, and that is 99% of content. "Don't play the content !" That's almost as it sounds to me.

The message I often get by reading threads like this here is this : "Content is trash until endgame. So play only builds that are good in endgame !"