Prior to Sharn bow builds were in a decent place. The burst DPS was still pretty high and the DC imbues could be priceless in some situations.

Now they are garbage. In order to get DC's that actually work fairly well (until the reaper update...) you're forced to use a caster set. A caster set that doesn't include light armor. Not only that but you utterly nuke your DPS even trying to do that.

So it's really not even that Inquisitive is so grossly broken OP, it's that bow builds are just pure garbage for new content because they were left out of the gearing shuffle. And now with the new update instead of getting a good rogue set or a ranger set we're getting a PM set that isn't needed and will likely go unused, a warlock set that wasn't needed, and rogue-ish set that's clearly aim at Inquisitor but nobody will use because the individual pieces are bad. I mean, it's neat that there's quality assassinate on a item. Too bad the DC's are still about 15 under being relevant.

DDO is in a really messy state right now. Most of what has been added and the changing of the meta has been overall pretty smooth and well accomplished. But they've been steps in the wrong direction so it doesn't really matter.