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    Default The Society- Sunday Raiding Guild - Ghallanda server (Are recruiting)

    The Society a lvl 138 guild that currently houses 6-7 active members most of which log-on on Sundays for raiding.
    At the moment we are 6 manning a handful of raids on LN and would like to step it up to LH or even LE at a later date.

    The group comprises of 3 first lifers and 3 TR characters with 1 husband and wife team in that makeup.
    We only run closed raid guild groups that way we get a better understanding of how each other plays.

    Our most recent 6 man completed raid is Riding out the storm completed on the 17/03/2019.

    All our members are 30+ and with mixed time zones we are now looking for 1 more player to join our team.

    If you may be intrested or want more info pls feel free to contact us in-game.

    we have now stepped up some of our raids to EE, but are still under manning them and could do with 1 more healer based char to join us.
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    Updated. 30.04.2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder-Monkey View Post
    Hi, PM sent.
    I will try and catch you in-game.

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    I would love to get involved with a regular raid group! The thought of building raid strategies based on regular party members strengths and weaknesses (as opposed to the usual approach of mindlessly smash everything through it all) is something I welcome. I have a few groups I do run with regularly, and when I'm not with them I'm often soloing and multiboxing raids (haven't tried to solo/box every raid yet, but i have done L.Shroud, CoS, Deathwyrm, FoTP, etc, and have done shortmans of Baba and others). Of course, my work schedule is not consistent either and I often work Sunday evenings, which kind of makes it difficult. :/

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    Default Timezone compatibility

    G'day, Coit here

    I am a recently returned player after a break for several years (think Underdark pack days).

    Currently finishing a set of lives on one of my earlier characters, the original Coitfluff (think pre-nerf Tempest Ranger dual khopesh days).

    I have a 13th life character that has done 3sorc, 3cleric, 3fvs, 3wizard that may be suitable for a healbot if I run him back up to cap as a cleric or fvs (Luciforge), and a twenty something pure cleric that was a dedicated raid healer for pugs back in the day (VOD, DQ, SHROUD, HOUND, TOD, REAVER being his raid heal favourites back when they were popular).

    I am currently re-learning the game, have all the new packs and am interested in learning the new raid content, and what better way then running heals for a team that runs together regularly.

    My big question is regarding timezones.

    I am very Australian, hehehe, and our time zone is a little funny.

    Perhaps you may convert your Sunday raid times to EST or some other acronym I can compare Aussie time to to see if that's a fit to start with.

    If that is the case, then of course it would take me a little while to cap and raid prep a divine (whilst learning the new content/raids) but I don't think it would be too onerous a task to undertake in the name of getting back in the habit of regular weekly raiding....

    So if any of that sounds reasonable, and you post the time range here, then I'll sing out and see where it lands....

    Usually on Coitfluff Tehfuzzy in a little solo guild I have for buffing called Aussie Relic when I'm playing in case you catch me in game, churning out those last few lives for his first completionist (mostly just solo these days).

    Have a good one, Coit out.
    Coitfluff Coitrippr Luciforge Coitburner Coithealz: Ghallanda

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