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    Default Caster druid and endgame

    is caster druid viable to endgame? being healer and caster on only healer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetraye View Post
    is caster druid viable to endgame? being healer and caster on only healer?
    A caster druid is totally viable in end-game.

    I will take the time to make you a complete response in several days. I play a druid for a long time.

    My "hero" is Gyngerspyce:

    He gave me a lot of very good indications on this amazing class. Amazing in heroic mode, but still in epic mode. Druid has one thing other classes do not have: polyvalence.

    I try a lot of options on my druid, because I want to have a character more oriented on casting abilities than the Gynger character.

    So, as already said, I will give a lot of indications on how to play a caster/healer druid in end-game, with very solid defensive attributes.

    Yesterday, I did several raids in R1, and Killing Time in hard mode. I was the main healer and I think I can say I really did the job. With greater vigor mass, regenerate mass, and other epic healing abilities, druid has fantastic healing abilities. In addition, I have 976 cold spell power, 68% cold spell critical chance, and 60% cold spell critical multiplier. When I use my 5 main dealing spells (burst of glacial wrath, cold breath weapon and cold energy burst, creeping cold and greater creeping cold), I can say I have a very high output DPS.

    In r1 slave lords runs, I sometimes go in unyelding sentinel, and I tank, heal and do huge DPS. I am very well geared to do that, I looted the fabulous "clouded dreams" ring in Killing Time. For now, I plan to catch the amazing reflection of wave staff of the schism shard cratfting, to go to 88% spell critical chance (possible to have 90%, question of choice). With a cold spell power at 1080-1100 when I will finish to farm sentient xp, the staff and other bonuses.

    So, druid is a really strong option as healer and caster in end-game raids and legendary quests. Caster druid is pretty rare in raids, but I can say you that our healing abilities are really very strong. And in slave lords runs, my offensive spells make me a killing machine.

    I will give you all details of my character in several days. The very important thing to begin: be a dragonborn.

    See you soon. And I invite you to try the caster druid. You will love it.
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    Lots of ways to play Druid. Multiple ways to play caster Druid. Some people like nuking. Some like being DC caster. So...what do you like?

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