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    Smile Ravager tree

    I do agree for the most part from t1 to t4 that the ravager tree doesnt have as nice things such as ear smash from occult slayer or the cracking attack from frenzy. But in saying that ravager isnt all that bad, 10ac debuff which stacks with destruction is nice, 450 temp hp procs are nice and cruel cut is good as it effects bosses, a -50% healing debuff and a attack speed/movement speed debuff. The problem is the randomness, the temp hp doesnt list the % chance and cruel cut has 4 seperate debuff chances so its like 25% for the attack spped debuff. At t5 the sustain from blood strength (heal from kill is not effected by reaper penalty) is way better then i could with one spirit from occult slayer. Then again its just personal prefrence.

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    In terms of ravager; I don't find it that bad, although overall, occult slayer's got my favorite t1-t4, there are some nice pickups in ravager I've used for builds that I've used that tree for.

    Barb power attack is the best low level dps boost; but we're talking an at cap build here and I eventually decided against taking power attack/cleave on this split, it is worth considering. (Precision will give better single target dps then power attack by far, but I like combat expertise for the defensive bonuses when I'm solo or the main melee in the party, Cleaves are good for AoE while the targets are stunned/helpless from dire charge).

    I like pain is one of my favorites from the tree; in my level 1-20 barb builds I've noticed that it often procs about once per HP bar, and it's a nice chunk of extra HP that doesn't get reduced in reaper. It actually gets increased once you get some reaper melee power boosts. cruel cut and slaughter both are melee power buffs on low cooldowns, and slaughter actually deals noticeably more damage then a regular attack.
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