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    Default Any theory buillds for the new Inquisitor tree yet?

    So, a new tree (almost a class?) and a new race. Have to touch up racial completionist , I suppose.

    The Tiefling looks like a Warlock, visually and ability wise.

    But I have no idea what kind of character will use the Inquisitive tree. Anyone planning to use it? If so, on what?

    edit Never mind, I found a good thread.
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    Well i'm gonna LR my bard into an inquisitive with LGS dust crossbows for more damage on raid bosses for the group, and continute a support bard playstyle, only a shadar kai pure bard though so it isn't the best dps toon. Hopefully i can be more helpful than i currently am atleast.

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    I'm thinking of pure ranger Deepwood Stalker with maybe some Falconry sprinkled in for funsies.
    Not super sure on race yet - likely Human or Aasimar. Leave Tiefling for the new Iconic Bard or Warlock.

    Although an Artificer spliced with some Harper also has my interest.
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    My thoughts:

    Tiefling. I don't think Tiefling brings much of anything to Warlock beyond the simple fact that it's a Charisma race. The primary virtues of the race are the Fire Immunity breaking and the spellpower conversion - neither of which are particularly useful for a Warlock. I do think Tiefling becomes the clear favorite for Sorcerers due to those two factors. While Fire Savants can break Fire Immunity, it requires T5, capstone or both. In contrast, you can use racial bonuses to break fire immunity whenever you cast Scorch (not just the Tiefling version, but any version) and play a non-Fire Savant who specializes in Fire Spellpower (and can thus break two immunities).

    Scoundrel. I mentioned a pure Bard Scoundrel build in the Lamannia thread, but I don't think that's a particular strong build - just a simple and playable one. Here the key abilities are the helpless CC and the Fire/Sonic conversion. The former isn't very usable without at least one level of Bard (to get Perform as an in-class skill) and far less worthwhile without at least 12 levels of Bard (for the Spellsinger cores). However, proceeding from there to an effective build requires a lot of balancing decisions because it's almost impossible to get everything you need.

    Inquisitive: This seems fairly well-trod territory. I think T4 Battle Engineer delivers the best overall package for raw dps (+10 Ranged Power, +10% Doublestrike, +3 Action Boosts) and otherwise this works similarly to Great Crossbow builds - without the need for Fighter or Rogue. Due to the AP investment, there really isn't much left over once you've taken 41 Inquisitive, 27 Battle Engineer and 8-12 Harper.

    However, I do think a Favored Soul approach would prove useful. It wouldn't do as much damage, but it would allow you to play a fairly strong caster with decent ranged dps. I'm not entirely sure how the double Crossbow mechanic works with Smite Weakness - if it allows you to 'double tap' Smite Weakness, that would be a strong application of the tree.

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