So I have been trying to make a non shuriken/shadow forged dart SB build for along time and may have stumbled across something viable playing 6 rogue 14 fighter by running all vistnani cores and not spending into tier 5(yes it can be done). Rogue lvls are for mechanics core lvl6 and tier 5 enhancements the only other enhancements are 3 into Harper(maybe 5 for weapon enchant) for int to atk since you’d get int to damage from mechanic. By running the enhancements this way its possible to pull 40 ranged power that is often lacking from throwing dagger builds. The reason behind fighter and using int is two fold A: more damage and ranged power from weapon feats and B: heavy armor and tower shields.

So I know the spending 41 into vistani and not taking tier 5 may seem odd but I find it’s tier 5 rather lacking. I’ve had luck running it that way with Kensei twf and it meshes really well.

And erm that’s my idea let me know what you think!