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    Default Thiefling is good? U41 quests, maybe not so much.

    I agree smaller horns would be nice, bigger isn't always better. Theifling does make for great characters that use CH as primary stat... warlock looks good on this race and it seemed like a natural fit. Played a few dungeons/quests and not as impressed. Graphics were good, but were they 'fun'? Something I wouldn't mind playing again? Sadly, no. I liked the dialogues but the quests felt... well... familiar. Plus, a quest like 'smash and burn' has yet another couple of time-wasting 'puzzles'. I don't like puzzles, nor 'stairs' you need to navigate with traps all over them so they slow you down. Yawn.

    Would I pay for this expansion? I dunno, It is pretty to wander through, but the quests seem rehashed. I do like the thiefling race as both the guys and the gals look nice (unlike elves here the males are hideous, pretty bad for a race known for being 'fair') and they have potential to make some good toons, so I would probably buy them.

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    I know I'm late to the party, but I only now noticed what happened to small horns and I'm very upset. So I'm here to join the angry mob so to say.
    I was very happy that small old-school-like horns were an option for Tieflings, and I even wrote as much in the original feedback thread. And now they are gone. Why? I mean, were they hurting anyone? Did WotC step in and said that every Tiefling should look more or less the same nowadays, period? If it's the latter, then yeah, ok I guess. If not, then I don't understand. #smallhornsmatter

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