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    Default New Player Nedds Help!!!!

    Hello everyone, hope this message finds u all with good spirit!!!!

    Yesterday, i invested in this game, and ended up buying DDO coins, and invested in veteran status and 32 points build. With that being said, i would like to ask a couple questions, and to get some feedback from the comunity of this game

    1. My first character was a rogue and i managed to get him to lvl 7 by questing, but i know i messed that char alot. So how to build a puré rogue build??? what should i go for and aim for??? i like the idea of open locks and disarm traps and be helpfull in group contente, but most of the time i end playing solo.

    2. Since im mostly a solo player, and usually play melee classes, what classes and builds would u guys to recomend me????

    3. Pls be gente with me since i dont have mutch knowledge of the game, in terms of terms and 2nd life, and all those things

    I would like to thank you all for taking time to read this post, and helping me

    best regards,

    Andé Lopes

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    First, I would let you know about the wiki.

    Next, I prefer a ranged repeater rogue, so I build with Rapid Shot and Rapid Reload feats. I go human for the extra feat I can spend on Precise Shot at creation. I build with high INT for the skills and better damage with the Mechanic tree. At some point, you will want Insightful Reflexes, if you go that way.

    If you prefer melee, you can opt for Assassin or Acrobat build. Either way, it is nice to spend at least 3 points in Acrobat just to run faster as you level up.

    There are so many ways to build, this thread may get quite long. Welcome to DDO. I hope you have much fun here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndreLopes View Post
    how to build a puré rogue build??
    Any quest with spinning blade traps ought to do the job, at your level I recommend running Gwylan's Stand if you want to purée your rogue.

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    Welcome to DDO! If you need any help in game look for any toon from the guilds listed in my signature and I will be more than willing to help you out in any way I can.
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