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Thread: Bug Killer Bug?

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    Default Bug Killer Bug?

    I'm not sure if there is a bug, or I just don't understand.

    I pickup one of the party bug killer knives (lvl 10) and took it out to the Vale of Twilight to test it against the spiders there. Thrower was lvl 17 bard.

    I was really disappointed with the damage. Typical combat log showed 24 to 30 pierce damage, usually less than 10 sonic damage, and very rarely 15 to 20 slice damage. The pierce would be 1.75[2d4]+6+14(cha) of regular throwing knife with swashbuckler buffs, sonic from bard.

    I suppose the slash damage was from the bane, but it rarely logged, maybe once in 8 or 10 throws. When it did, I expected more for 3d10 rolled 4 times. Or is it actually 4x3d10?

    Is there a proc rate for bane? Also, why is it slash damage instead of bane? Spiders generally have damage reduction except for pierce.

    The knife is probably very good with the right feats and enhancements, but the bard is what I was running through the party.

    Any enlightenment out there?
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    Make sure exactly which kind of spiders you are targeting for this test. If they are "Crimson Foot [anything]" then they are not vermin, but are instead magical beasts.

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