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    Default Help: wizard in baba

    So it's been a while since I played an arcane character at cap. In case I step into an end game raid, what spells should I bring?

    It Baba, I noticed I can BoGW wisps and Web scarecrows. And maybe Sunburst/Undeath to Death some shadows.

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    Baba Raid Arcane Spells that I found to be handy

    1. Undeath to Death
    2. Sun Burst
    3. Web
    4. Halt Undead
    5. Disintegrate
    6. Magic Missiles/Force Missiles/Chain Missiles (Especially if combined with SD's range effects and/or Colors of the Queen)
    7. Necrotic Ray (Wisps)
    8. AOE damage spells like Ice Storm, Wall of Fire, Incendiary Cloud. Acid Rain and Acid Fog are limited because the Wisps are immune
    9. Iceberg, Thunderstoke and Acid Well (see previous comment about acid)

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    I recomend prismatic ray/spray for wisps and totems

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    Baba is resistant to most elemental damage. She is vulnerable to force.

    You want to be careful with AoE fire spells for the big scarecrows in the outdoor phases as they can't be taunted and you may find yourself with too much to handle pretty quickly.

    Otherwise the suggestions so far have been good ones. I don't really like Baba on a caster, but I'm more a control focused caster and almost everything in that zone is immune to control. Undeath to Death is very nice for the shadows. You want to be very careful with prismatic ray / spray. Don't just fire it off at a pack of 4 little scarecrows as you could insta-gib 1 or 2 of them, leave 2 standing, and then you've split the spawns and made everyone's just that much harder. Keep it to just wisps and totems as recommended by Praetcwb.

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