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    Default My take on a WF eldritch knight

    The EK build I'm running right now:

    Warforged 36 point build, starting stats STR 14, DEX 8, CON 18, INT 18, WIS 8, CHA 8, all levelups in INT

    Tomes: +7 across the board except int with +8, +2 racial AP, also a handful of skill tomes including +5 UMD.

    Past lives: Artificer, FvS x2, paladin x2, warlock, wizard x2
    Iconic past lives: Bladeforged
    Epic past lives: colours of the queen, enchant weapon x2, power over life & death

    Feats (in no particular order):
    Adamantine body
    2hf, i2hf, g2hf (last needs to be at level 21 thanks to half BAB)
    insightful reflexes
    mental toughness
    extend spell
    heighten spell
    quicken spell
    maximise spell
    construct exemplar
    wellspring of power
    improved mental toughness
    epic mental toughness
    perfect 2wf
    elusive target
    dire charge
    scion of fire

    Action Points:
    Racial = 16AP - 1st 3 cores, healers friend x3, construct toughness x2, adamantine durability, memories of the last war: front lines & memories of the last war: arcane slinger
    Eldritch Knight = 42AP - all cores, improved mage armour x3, improved shield x3, item defense x2, action boost: spellpower x3, arcane barrier, synergetic magic, +1 int x2, knight's transformation, improved knight's transformation, knight controller, force's edge, radiant forcefield, eldritch tempest x3
    Harper Agent = 24AP - 1st 3 cores (+int), harper enchantment, traveler's toughness x3, strategic combat I, know the angles x3, +1 int, strategic combat II, highly skilled x3, throat dagger x3

    Concentration, repair, UMD, spellpower, search, balance, tumble, jump, heal

    Current gear at cap:
    Legendary pansophic circlet (slotted deathblock)
    Legendary rose quartz sigil stone (slotted festival +2 INT)
    Bloodrage Chrism (slotted sapphire of defense +16 & draconic soul gem)
    Legendary mantle of fury (slotted protection +8)
    Legendary burnscar sash (slotted greater conjuration)
    Legendary Spinneret (slotted +250 SP)
    Legendary blurfingered gloves (slotted +15 search)
    Legendary flightfoot greaves (slotted diamond of vitality +20)
    Legendary ring of nightfall (slotted globe of true imperial blood)
    Legendary shackles with stunning +20, false life +68, quality intelligence +4, resistance +14 (slotted greater enchantment)
    Legendary memory of fine regalia (slotted golem's heart)
    Crafted goggles with conjuration focus +6, insightful spell penetration +3 & accuracy +23
    Honorable mentions for swap-in:
    Manual of stealthy pilfering (slotted +8 charisma) to boost UMD when necessary as well as better hidden door finding.
    Swap-in Legendary symbol of the slave lords when i need more HP as it's the only place where I have insightful CON, though i rarely bother since the chrism provides the PRR/MRR/DR boosts which tends to work out better.

    Main weapon: Legendary Echo of Blackrazor (slotted ruby of the vampire slayer & meridian fragment)
    Sentient filigrees: Nystul's +1 CON, electric absorb, +will saves & +mrr. Grandfather's Shield +1 CON

    Destiny varies depending on what I'm doing or feel like playing, but is usually either unyielding sentinel, divine crusader or draconic incarnation. Twists always include rejuvenation cocoon for obvious reasons, energy sheathe electricity & unless in draconic, energy burst acid. Often make use of blessed blades & sense weakness too, again depending on active destiny.

    Not the most subtle of builds, but great fun taking on groups of mobs at once & has a pretty significant kick as well as fairly reliable DC casting in elite/R1/R2 & decent defensive capabilities. Can find most hidden doors with search & UMD'ed Find Traps scrolls handle the whole "can only be found by rogues" thing.
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