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    Exclamation Grouping system not showing players

    In the social pannel, Grouping tab, I can see the groups listed, but it won't show players names, nor the group size or their location. I've tried re-logging multiple times, reinstalling the game, with no success so far. Self-explanatory print below. Anyone got some hint on the solution??

    PS: I couldn't post images, link to them above (sorry about that)

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    While I can't say exactly when this started, it's probably been going on longer than I've been playing.

    The fix that I use is to go to the "Who" tab, click inside of the text box to the left of the "Search" button, and wait a couple of seconds while this tab repopulates itself (showing the list of all online players). If it doesn't start doing so within a second or two, click the "Search" button to remind it. Navigate back to the "Grouping" tab and player names should start showing up.

    I often do this anyway to see how populated groups are - I don't necessarily have time to wait for a group to fill, and I'm not going to join something like an at-level Epic Chronoscope group if there's only one person in it.

    You may notice that some groups still won't show the players. These are typically "ghost" groups, which don't have any online players in them but for some reason don't drop off the Grouping tab, and often have a message like "Adventure Active: 259 minutes". If you're wondering if something is a ghost group, single-click the group and click the "Tell" button: if it populates your chat box with some nonsense like "<string table ID = ...>", it's a ghost group

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