I have a surplus of certain collectibles/ingredients at each Tier. Would like to trade them for specific ones I need more of. I'm going to list the ones I need - every other collectible I have available for trade, both for bound and unbound crafting. I'm sure we can find agreement on trade values based on tier, rarity, and demand. I'd also sell my surplus for astral shards.

Needed (Tier) Item
(1)Khyber Prayer Pamphlet
(3)Bruised Spore Pod
(3)Charred Soarwood
(3)Fragrant Drowshood
(3)Glass Phial
(3)House-Sealed Letter
(3)Romantic Sonnet
(3)Runic Parchment
(3)Scholarly Notes
(3)Silver Flame Hymnal
(3)Sour Darkcap
(4)Academic Treatise
(4)Cryptic Message
(5)Blister Beetle
(5)Stone Fetish
(6)Ancient Text
(6)Archaic Logbook
(6)Crypt Moth
(6)Ornate Charm