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    I play caster druid for a long time, and I love it.

    The build you have posted seems to be very attractive to play.

    So, could you post the end-game gear you plan to have (or you already have) with the sharn extension, it could be of a great help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The imho great thing with druids, artificers and ... Pale Masters ? ... is that they have some kind of ... what's the word ? pet ? companion ? - in the case of the druid it is a wolf (at least at earlier levels), in the case of the Artificer it is the "dog" ... That really helps together with a hireling in the rare cases where pressure plates must be used. (I haven't tried out whether they can use levers, too.) Together with the Starter Pack from the shop, which contains a permanent level 3 Hireling, a Druid can have a small army :

    - Starter Pack Hireling (permanent + Gold Seal)
    - in-game (non-shop) Hireling
    - pet/companion (Wolf)
    - summoned animal
    - summonned animal summonned by hireling who can do so
    - Gold Seal Hireling, if you are able/willing to buy one from the Shop.

    I tried that with Kobold Assault and it works very well.
    I especially used that during those Bonus Days when there were more Mysterious Remnants dropping than usual.

    The only drawback is that the summoned animal *might* turn against its summoner at one point (don't know whether this is a bug or not; it has been discussed already here somewhere in the forums).

    Edit : I did that around level 5.
    "Archbishop Dryden wants to talk to you to tapper this dale."
    "Archbishop Dryden wants to talk to you to tap on this dale."
    "Archbishop Dryden wants to talk to you to tap on this tale."
    English is not my first language - misinterpretations galore !

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