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  • Using your Smite Evil also applies a Greater Restoration effect to you.

    7 3.38%
  • Using Turn Undead also deals additional Light and Fire damage to surrounding enemies.

    8 3.86%
  • Light Spells you cast increase your Fire SP, and Fire Spells you cast increase your Light SP.

    3 1.45%
  • If you are Lawful Good, you benefit from Resistance to Alignment Damage.

    10 4.83%
  • Killing an Evil monster grants you increased attack and damage for a short time.

    71 34.30%
  • Dying also causes a large explosion around you, significantly damaging all foes.

    32 15.46%
  • This item is indestructible.

    4 1.93%
  • You are granted additional MRR based on your Religious Lore.

    72 34.78%
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    glad the two directional stack mechanism wasnt choosen, one way stack builder effects are bad enough, useful for soloers or big bosses ..maybe

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    Aug 2014


    Umm.... What happened to week 5 ? Is the You Make The Item! already finished, cancelled or postponed ?


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