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    Default DDOCast 547 - Past Life Prioritization: Heroic Lives pt 1

    We look at this weeks news with Benton then resume our Past Life series by looking at Heroic Lives with Voodu, Nimvind, & Strimtom!

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    Bacon weapon cosmetic could work, probably the easiest version to implement would be a recoloured version of first blood, that rough design with a pink & off-white scheme would look like a big piece of streaky bacon, though personally I'd prefer the frying pan that chef uses in Siegebreaker, ideally with humourous "BONG" sound effect on a vorpal.

    Bypassing spell resistance is totally valuable on a melee caster - not for everything admittedly, but there are a few notable spells that don't have saves but are still subject to spell resistance such as ottos irresistable dance, waves of exhaustion (-50% movement speed, don't get hit!) & the power word spells. Also, I'm pretty sure that if spell resistance blocks the spell it'll block all the effects whereas if it gets through it'll mean that even if the enemy makes the save, certain secondary debuff effects should still effect them (eg. weakened will or the negs from wail of the banshee). Finally, it's totally possible to have viable if not optimal DCs on those builds thanks to the ability to consolidate your fighting & casting stats, then you just have to remember to use spells that target the enemies' weaker saves, which is usually relatively straightforward to figure out.

    I'm a fan of the arty passive past life too - the extra UMD is really useful since each +1 is 5% more success chance & it's great to have a buffer in case of negative levels or death penalties which will reduce your skills & those situations are exactly the times you really don't want to risk a failure, also having the boost to int skills is useful for search & disable as well as spellcraft for a touch more spellpower.

    Barbarian passive past life isn't essential but HP are always handy, especially at low levels though it's value can increase on certain builds with enhancements that grant a % increase to HP. The active past life never gave more HP than taking regular toughness which would be +22 at 20 but it's advantage back in the day was that it's HP boost was front-loaded rather than scaling & having an extra 30 to 60 hp (passive plus active feats plus 1st tier of enhancement) from as low as level 3 back then was just a little crazy.

    Cleric past life passive feat is nice - conjuration includes web, the acid spells including the new acid well (remember, that one's a fortitude save not reflex, so unevadeable AoE damage!), glitterdust for a low-level persistant AoE that can blind things, tentacles, cometfall & trap the soul - all very solid spells. Turn undead is useful in places so counting as 6 to 10 levels higher (counting seek eternal rest but no other enhancements or gear which make it even higher) in heroics is pretty phenomenal, especially if you take an elemental domain. The active one accepts metamagics so can be handy on fleshy non-undead wizards as well as sorcerers & warlocks to provide some decent mid-combat healing in heroics, take it then swap it out for heighten at higher heroic levels or epic once you have reliable scrolls or cocoon available.
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    Thanks for the closer look at Heroic Past lives! I felt like in DDOCast 539 and 540 you kind of wrote off heroic past lives as useless for the most part. Like you were saying in the latest DDOCast 547, there are some very useful lives for certain builds. It is true that for one specific build, a majority of the heroic past lives will not be very useful but the ones that are useful may be seen as 'must haves'. Going through each class and evaluating the active and passive heroic past lives gives them each a fair shake instead of painting all heroic lives with a broad brush.

    I have 4 characters that I work on which focus on the 4 classic D&D archetypes and for a while now I have had a list of past lives that help each in a specific way. For example here is an abbreviated version of the list for Grandern:

    GRANDERN - Divine Front-line Caster - Currently 3 Barb lives

    (Barb - HP +10 // HP +10, Intim +2 , Rage x1) x1
    (FVS - Spell Pen +1, SP +20 // Diplo +2, light attack x10) x2
    (Druid - Summon stats + 2 // Ellie res + 2, flame blade) x1
    (Cleric Conj DC +1, turns +1, turn lvl + 2 // Heal +2, Heal spell x5) x1
    (Epic Divine - PRR +3 // Brace - Saves +1,2,3) x2
    (Monk - Dam +1 // +2 Concen, +1 Dam, 20 Sec Evasion) x3

    Sorcerer - Evo DC +1, SP +20 // SP +5/lvl, ellie spell x10
    Arti - UMD + 1, Int Skill + 1 // Enchant wep, arm x 10, 15% Wand Retain
    Paladin - HAmp +10 // Heal +2, Divine Favor x3
    Wizard - Spell Pen +2, Wand DC +2 // DC +1, Mag Miss x10

    Epic Arcane - Ele Absorb +1 // Arcane Alac +3,6,10%
    Epic Martial - AC +2, 10 lvl +1 // DStrike +3,6,9%
    Epic Primal - HP +3,6,9(?) 10 lvl +4(?) // Heal 5hp +5 per 5 lvl 60/30/20 secs

    Sun Elf - SP +3 // Light SP +10, Align SP +10
    Warlock - MRR + 3 // SC +3, confuse spell x10
    PDK - PRR +3 // Speed +15 - 20%, Saves +2 - +3
    Deep Gnome - 3 MRR // +1 Illusion DC, +5 Acid SP

    Dragonborn - SC +1 /2/ Cha +1 /3/ Racial AP +1
    Half-Elf - Diplo +1 /2/ Cha +1 /3/ Racial AP +1
    Dwarf - Bal +1 /2/ Con +1 /3/ Racial AP +1
    WF - Rep +1 /2/ Con +1 /3/ Racial AP +1
    Human - Hag +1 /2/ Wis +1 /3/ Racial AP +1
    Aasimar - Heal +1 /2/ Wis +1 /3/ Racial AP +1
    Gnome - UMD +1 /2/ Int +1 /3/ Racial AP +1

    Druid - Summon stats + 2 // Ellie res + 2, flame blade x 3
    Bard - Ench Save +2, bard song +1 // Cha skill +1, Ench DC +1, Insp Cour x3
    Bladeforged - Fort +5% // Repair SP +10
    Drow - Search +1 /2/ Int +1 /3/ Racial AP +1
    Elf - Spot +1 /2/ Dex +1 /3/ Racial AP +1
    Halfling - MS +1 /2/ Dex +1 /3/ Racial AP +1
    Half-Orc - Intim +1 /2/ Str +1 /3/ Racial AP +1

    I have a type of general divine build in mind and look to a variety of sources to augment that build type, I have the same set up for the 3 other general build types for my 3 other characters. I included the rough notes above for each past life which I use to have an idea of what each life provides at a glance. On average in a year I do one TR a month and over 4 characters that means 3 lives a year per character so I still have years of work -_-;

    I've divided the lives here as HAVE, NEED and POSSIBLE to show the different categories of past lives. In this DDOCast you kind of go into detail where each participant gives their take on each past live, it's very helpful to hear everyones thoughts on how the different lives are meaningful to them. I do think that qualifying each analysis is important, for example "Arti past lives are good" vs "Arti past lives are good for builds that may be low in UMD early on such as ..." You guys are doing that and it is very helpful. Even with the breakdown I have above, going through each past life in detail can cast light on other past lives that have ability advantages people may have overlooked.

    Looking forward to the upcoming podcasts in the series!
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