The spell description of Greater Restoration states "Cures all temporary ability damage, restores all negative levels suffered from energy drain, and elminates exhaustion, fatigue, confusion and insanity suffered by an Ally." Reaper scaling prevents this ability from restoring all ability damage and negative levels. Tested using the Knight of the Chalice: Improved Restoration (3 of 3) ability which is supposed to apply a Greater Restoration affect. Greater Restoration says *ALL* ability damage and negative levels which means it cannot be scaled down to a value less than the amount of ability damage the target has or the number of negative levels the target has. The current implementation of Greater Restoration effects is bugged per the in game description of the spell. This may be due to Knight of the Chalice: Improved Restoration (3 of 3) only removing up to 100 points of ability damage which is also incorrect as the spell should have a cap that is high enough to account for R10 scaling and the maximum attainable constitution score which I believe is close to 150.